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Secure Confidential Document Destruction

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Why document shredding?

Identity theft and corporate espionage amplify the importance.

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Paper & Document Shredding Services in West Kelowna

On-Site Office Shredding
Interior Mobile Shredding provides locking consoles or locking gallon bins and distributes them strategically throughout the office. On a regular schedule your confidential documents are collected and loaded into the mobile shredding truck and shredded on-site, at your location. Service available: weekly, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, every 6 weeks, and every 8 weeks.
On-Site One Time Shredding
Up to 150 standard boxes of documentation. Once the documents are successfully destroyed on-site, a "Certificate of Destruction," which itemizes shredding start time, finish time, date, and number of boxes destroyed is presented.
Off-Site Shredding Package
Interior Mobile Shredding comes to your location, collects your confidential documentation and loads the material into a secure company vehicle. Our representatives then transport the material to our secure shredding facility, where the documents are destroyed within 4 hours. Once shredding is completed, a "Certificate of Destruction" is issued that itemizes shredding start time, finish time, date, and number of boxes destroyed.
Large Volume Document Purge
150 standard boxes or more. If you urgently need to destroy some documents, need to empty space for storage, or you are moving or re-organizing your office, the Large Volume Document Purge will meet your requirements. Our trusted representatives will come to your business and shred your material immediately on-site. “Certificate of Destruction” will be issued that itemizes shredding start time, finish time, date, and number of boxes destroyed.
Non Paper Specialty Shredding
Now Shredding hard drives, credit cards, compact discs, and photos.
Special Request Shredding
Interior Mobile Shredding can haul boxes of paper out of basements, attics, and hard to get at areas, to be shredded.
Drop N Shred
For Residential and Small Business volume. Bring your shredding to Interior Freight & Bottle Depot (4205 - 24th Ave, Vernon B.C.) The documents are weighed and placed in a locked bin. These documents will then be shredded within 4 hours. Daily Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm *Payment by Cash or Cheque Only.

Document Shredding Services

We are dedicated to meeting the growing need for small businesses to properly and legally destroy their outdated confidential documents.

In 2006, Interior Mobile Shredding was added as a division of Interior Freight & Bottle Depot to provide confidential paper shredding services both on and off site.

Interior Mobile Shredding started with a single mobile shredding unit, and has developed into a full service document destruction business with a variety of shredding options available for clients. We are now working on expanding our reach from Penticton through to Kamloops and everything in between.

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