Why Shred?

Peace of mind knowing that your documents will be securely shredded.


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The importance of privacy and confidentiality are growing in today’s business world. The Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA) provides details regarding document retention and destruction.

Obligations: Protect current information and protect information that is no longer needed. Security issues such as identity theft and corporate espionage amplify the importance of having confidential information protected. 

Tight Budgets & Space Constraints 

An office sized shredder from a local office supply store can cost up to four thousand dollars! and can burn out sooner than you expect. There is no need to use valuable office space to store old documents, this can be a hazard and can affect productivity. Your business may not have the time or space to properly dispose of confidential information.

Shredding by Hand VS Interior Mobile Shredding

[150 to 200 Pounds of Paper per Month (Based on the average Vernon, BC office)]


Office Interior Mobile Shredding
Time to Shred 15 – 20 Hours 1.5 – 2 Minutes
Cost to Shred $225 – $300 Approx. 70% Less
Noise Level 80 dB Zero

How Your Company Can Help Our Environment with Interior Mobile Shredding


  • We believe in helping the environment.
  • We recycle all of the shredded paper.
  • We compact and bale the shredded paper at our facility in Vernon, BC.
  • Ship to a facility near Vancouver to be pulped and re-blended into new paper products.